Commercial law

In this area of law, our law firm helps clients decide on a legal form of the company they want to establish, so that it best correspond to their requirements. We provide legal advice on incorporation documents and articles of association, shares, records to be made in the Commercial Register, obtaining of business licences, convening general shareholders meetings, increase and decrease of the share capital, controlling agreements or reports on relations between economic groups of persons or transformation of companies. We also help realize purchases and sales of enterprises, companies or shares, we provide aid in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings. Our legal services are comprehensive, from the establishment to the liquidation of companies or structural units, thus enabling the client's company to operate correctly and in compliance with law.

Apart from that, we provide legal services connected with national and international transactions, we hold negotiations on the purchase, distribution or agency agreement, on contracts for work, contracts for construction of factories, licence and franchising contracts, lease contracts and joint ventures and prepare all such contracts. We also provide advice to foreign investors when they start their business activities in the Czech Republic.

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